Four big changes to skills.

1. Characters will get a “level” bonus of 1/2 character level, rounded down, to any skill that can be used untrained.

2. Character that train in skills that can only be used trained, like spellcraft and disable devise, get a “level” bonus equal to 1/2 their character level, rounded down.

3. Some skills will fall into “groups”. If you put ranks into one skill in the group you gain an equal number of ranks in all skills in that group. Normal rules for maximum ranks per level still apply and others bonues, racial, magical, ect, only apply to the specifed skill. Groups are listed below.

4. Craft, Knowledge, Profession and Perform will not longer be ranked from base skill points. Characters get Bonus skill points for Knowledge skills equal to the highest of their Int Mod, 1/2 base skill points, or 2. Characters get Bonus skill points for Craft, Profession and Perform equal to the highest of their Int Mod, 1/4 base skill points, or 1. All other rules apply as normal.


Acrobatics- Balance and Tumble
Athletics- Climb, Jump, Swim, and Use Robe
Communication- Diplomacy and Bluff
Insight- Sence Motive and Spot
Anmial Friend- Handle Animal and Ride
Perception- Listen and Searth
Stealth- Escape Artist, Hide, and Move Silently
Streetwise- Disguise, Forgery, and Gather information
Theivery- Disable Device, Open Lock, and Sleight of Hand


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