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I have several ideas that I am going to throw around for rules adjustments for 3.5

*No penelity for multi classing. You many have up to three “core” classes. You must have at least half of a prestige class, rounded up, to start a second.

*Monster classes many take core classes up to half their monster level. Ex a 9th level character can be a 6th level stone giant and a 3rd level fighter.

*Psions are different then magic. Any class with spellcraft as a class skill can have psycraft as a class skill and vis versa. Any class with Knowledge Religion, Arcana or Nature as a class skill can have Knowledge Psions as a class skill.

*Any class with acces to 0 level spells can cast those spells at will. Clerics and Wizards can prepare the same number of spells as usual but can cast them an unlimited number of times. Sorcers still use the rules for how many spells they know and can cast the at will.

*Clerics and Sorcerers gain bonus feats at the same level and limitations as wizards.

*Fighters automatically gain the Weapons Focus and Weapon Specilazition (normal, greater, supreme) feats at the levels they first become avaible free.

*Skills and skill points will be changed to provide more emphsis on a characters skill set.

*If something was changed from one 3.5 book to another you can choose which one you have but it needs to be noted what book it comes from.

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