4/8/11 I’ve been putting more thought into the whole DMing thing. Still not sure who exactly would be able to play beside Luke and maybe Jesse. I really like the idea of haveing the secessions last about 4 hours during a weekday. Also I think that 4th might be a better starting level.

3/22/11 So the idea of a 3.5 campaign is being tossed around. I am thinking about DMing for the group. Some major things need to be hashed out first. Who will be playing 3.5? When will we be playing as not to interfear with the 4th ed game, I will gave Pat’s game preference. Where will we play at? I was actually thinking about doind a more frequent secesion but not as long, maybe once or every other week during a weekday evening, for about 4 hours a pop. We will start at 2nd level. A list of players is important as well as classes so that we have a well balanced party.

Some Party Huh?

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